Using electric light as a resource to aid grow edible plants indoors.

A lamp is one of the most appreciated elements in the household. It gives vitally important source of light and make our daily routines easier. What if the lamp would not be only source of light but also resource needed for growing own food sources. Resource which help us to learn how to produce own food?

Nowadays, household in the bigger cities are surrounded by higher buildings and in the worst case by skyscapers. These buildings unable and block valuable sunlight in our apartments. Lack of sunlight bring us to improvisation and mostly reducing plans in our household. Avoiding plants in our surrounding is rather drastic and therefore we would like to introduce to you a Vicky Lamp. This Victorian lamp is using a special light that provides an increased radiation on the blue spectrum. Thanks to Vicky lamp you can enjoy planting small edibles or simply enjoy nature on places which lack natural light.

Vicky Lamp is a limited production design piece. For a price request please contact

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